Monday, June 13, 2011

Farmhouse Bathroom Inspiration

This Spring, my husband and I were thisclose to deciding to buy a small, small house. Well, we didn't. We are still renting, but I dreamed big to make the spaces spacier! Here is my favorite bathroom picture, courtesy of the wonderful Country Living!

I love the whitewash, the claw-foot bathtub, the little shelf above the spout, and look at the molding at the ceiling.


It reminds me of "Anne of Green Gables". Farmhouses make me get all weak in the knees and dreamy.

So many of the other bathroom inspiration photographs at Country Living make me feel all lovey-dovey.

I especially love the idea of chairs in the bathroom. I got an adorable antique chair at the locally fabulous Urban Renewal. Jenny Larsen owns and operates the shop, and she, herself, helped me out with my chair. I LOVE her!
If you are in Saint George, UT, and you want some amazingness, go and visit her. She is on St. George Boulevard and Main Street, a location which is especially noteworthy because she is right behind my hairstylist, Alesha @ Hush Hub. That information is important if you love my hair in my profile photo. Wink wink.

I will post a photo of my bathroom chair asap. I kind of have to take one, first...

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