Sunday, July 31, 2011

Media Stand Redo

I have been looking for a TV stand that the TV can actually go INTO. Craigslist provided one for 10 smackeroos. Yep. 1,000 cents.

Not bad, eh? The thing is, I wanted it white. You see, we have a very small quilting cottage, of sorts, and I want to make it look more spacious. So, I started painting it. I distressed it heavily and here's what you get:

It is white. And distressed. Haha. I am getting some chicken wire from my MIL's house, and I am going to put it in the doors, instead of glass panes. I am so excited. It kind of cuts off my TV edges, so M might make me move it. In that event, it will go into my bedroom as a linen closet. Stop it. I kind of hope it ends up in there, anyway.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Turquoise Dresser Re-Do

Y'all. What are you going to do with two posts from me? It's like Christmas in July. Speaking of Christmas, for my birthday last year (November 30th), I bought an old dresser from one of my BFF's for 100 bones. It has a gorgeous mirror with it. I haven't refinished the mirror, because my life took over. But, the mirror may or may not match the dresser when it is done.
Also, I finally uploaded all twelve million photos from M's iPhone to the laptop, and have all of the pics in one DATE! I love it!

Before (Taken on my homegirl's cellie):


Sanding and such...

Yep. A trooped. I sprayed the paint on outdoors, so don't you worry about his little breathers. I ended up sick a couple of days later, after spraying Behr paint on this baby, in the wind and snow. You can probably tell from the look of my hubby's hat that we are a hard-core family. : ) (effect ruined instantly by cyber-smileyface.)A

I knew I wanted to have a contrasting wooden top, and I wanted it warm. Actually, this photo was inspiration for me to even choose turquoise.

And, without much ado, or with about 6 photos and three paragraphs of ado...the AFTERS:

This picture ALMOST shows how M hand-distressed the top of the dresser:

It was a lot of work. I need a better after photo, too. But, photos are the really hard part for me!

A Long Overdue Re-do

Sooo, it's been a month since I last posted. My job has been busy and my little boy has been growing so quickly. Life is funny like that.

I refinished my black entry-way table (itself a yard sale find for $20!) with Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint in Old White. I waxed it with clear wax. I'm interested in the dark wax, but I want more chalk paint colors too much to spend the money on the wax instead of, say, Aubusson Blue!

No worries, though. I have good old glaze from RL, and I didn't want to dinge-ify this table anyway. Wanna take a look?


Um, I thought there was a rule that all before photos have to be messy... Sorry, guys. (All 7 of you, but 7 million tomorrow! Muahahaha!


And, and up-close of the beautiful distressed, waxed finish. I tell you, I'm in love with the wax. It just takes a small amount, dries quickly, but also really hardens over time. I walk by this table and ALWAYS have to run my fingers over the top. It sounds strange, but the finish is so smooth and hard it reminds me of marble or ceramic.

Go visit Annie Sloan here.
Then, follow her link to stockists in the US. I use Robyn Story Designs down in Florida. She has flat-rate shipping, great pricing on the paint and everyone rocks to work with.