Wednesday, June 29, 2011


It's official. I'm hooked.

I got my chalk paint last night. (Order the best paint in the world at the best little shop in the world! Robyn Story Designs.

Robyn and Lori are fantastically helpful. I love their little guts. They have the best price on Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint, and they offer flat rate shipping. That is what drew me to them, but I am continuing to be supplied by Robyn because of her excellent client service. Like I said. I love her.

So, I woke up early, before my toddler, to paint.
I had built these frames, stained them with ebony minwax stain, but not connected them. I needed to paint them first... Enter Chalk Paint. Here's the separate photo:

Do you kind of want to marry them? I did. Haha.

And here, in my laundry pile... The clean one...:

And two more:

Return for my entry table redo! I LOVE this paint. And myself. And all of you. (Even if there are always only two of you.)



Monday, June 27, 2011

Barometer Re-Vamp

Linking up to Blue Creek Home, home of the CHALK PAINT GIVE AWAY!!! I love the other treasure hunt entries!

I found a barometer at D.I. D.I. is what the rest of the world calls Good Will.
It was $3, and it called to me.
So, I bought it.

So, I mixed some paint up (Navy, Hunter Green and White), watered it all down and painted three layers. Next, I glazed it with a dark brown glaze- Ralph Lauren's Starry Night.
Then, I rubbed in a few spots to distress the paint and glazed again. (I rubbed with the cloth before the paint was totally finished curing.

Voila. Oh, and I have some furniture wax on its way from Robyn Story Designs, so I am going to try my hand at finishing with that. I'm SO excited to try it out.


And, after. I LOVE how the wood and glaze and paint are so rich. It's even prettier in person!

Love it. I love finding fabulous things for cheap. OH! The best part is an old price tag on the back, like from an antique shop, because it is handwritten: $39.50. Score!

Love ya,

Friday, June 24, 2011

REALLY Cool Dresser Re-Do.

Elizabeth, over at Darling Bella, posted this Awesome Union Jack dresser. Elizabeth made it so vibrant.

I've seen the Union Jack used on loads of pieces. Miss Mustard Seed has one, and there are others.

Now, I love the Brits and all. Heck, it's my motherland. However, America is my homeland, and I am a Virginian through and through. So, wouldn't a gorgeous Betsy Ross flag also be awesome?

I'm going to have to get on that...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Garden Cottage Love

I have decided I want a little garden house. I'm in love with this one, posted back in March by My Sweet Savannah.

I just am in love with it.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Oh, man! Green is my favorite color. I also love dark wood stain. So, I found this photo through Miss Mustard Seed.

Every Friday, Miss Mustard Seed has "Furniture Feature Friday", so her readers (like me!) can showcase furniture transformations.
This desk was submitted by Adam, Lindsey and Jessica at The Carpenter's Attic. I am obsessed with it.

In other news, my BFF, M, had a new baby boy today! She named him Lars! How adorable! It's a good day. I worked on a new chunky picture frame today. It is a multi-layer, and is soaking up ebony stain as I type!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gorgeous Frames!

Don't you just loooove these frames?! My heart skips a little when I look at them. They are by Lauren Dunn. She makes all types, and no two are alike!

The photo is from Amelia J Moore Photography. I love her work, too! My mum's maiden name was Moore... Hmmm. I wonder if we are related...

Dream big today, people. Something good is coming... I can feel it in my bones!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Farmhouse Bathroom Inspiration

This Spring, my husband and I were thisclose to deciding to buy a small, small house. Well, we didn't. We are still renting, but I dreamed big to make the spaces spacier! Here is my favorite bathroom picture, courtesy of the wonderful Country Living!

I love the whitewash, the claw-foot bathtub, the little shelf above the spout, and look at the molding at the ceiling.


It reminds me of "Anne of Green Gables". Farmhouses make me get all weak in the knees and dreamy.

So many of the other bathroom inspiration photographs at Country Living make me feel all lovey-dovey.

I especially love the idea of chairs in the bathroom. I got an adorable antique chair at the locally fabulous Urban Renewal. Jenny Larsen owns and operates the shop, and she, herself, helped me out with my chair. I LOVE her!
If you are in Saint George, UT, and you want some amazingness, go and visit her. She is on St. George Boulevard and Main Street, a location which is especially noteworthy because she is right behind my hairstylist, Alesha @ Hush Hub. That information is important if you love my hair in my profile photo. Wink wink.

I will post a photo of my bathroom chair asap. I kind of have to take one, first...