Monday, June 27, 2011

Barometer Re-Vamp

Linking up to Blue Creek Home, home of the CHALK PAINT GIVE AWAY!!! I love the other treasure hunt entries!

I found a barometer at D.I. D.I. is what the rest of the world calls Good Will.
It was $3, and it called to me.
So, I bought it.

So, I mixed some paint up (Navy, Hunter Green and White), watered it all down and painted three layers. Next, I glazed it with a dark brown glaze- Ralph Lauren's Starry Night.
Then, I rubbed in a few spots to distress the paint and glazed again. (I rubbed with the cloth before the paint was totally finished curing.

Voila. Oh, and I have some furniture wax on its way from Robyn Story Designs, so I am going to try my hand at finishing with that. I'm SO excited to try it out.


And, after. I LOVE how the wood and glaze and paint are so rich. It's even prettier in person!

Love it. I love finding fabulous things for cheap. OH! The best part is an old price tag on the back, like from an antique shop, because it is handwritten: $39.50. Score!

Love ya,


  1. Score indeed!! I have always loved barometers!
    I love the makeover. Thanks for coming to THT.

  2. I don't think I've ever seen a barometer--but it's really cool looking! And I'm a bit jealous of you gals in Utah. Mandy at Vintage Revivals always raves about DI and shows off her amazing DI finds. My local Goodwill is not nearly as awesome.