Wednesday, June 29, 2011


It's official. I'm hooked.

I got my chalk paint last night. (Order the best paint in the world at the best little shop in the world! Robyn Story Designs.

Robyn and Lori are fantastically helpful. I love their little guts. They have the best price on Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint, and they offer flat rate shipping. That is what drew me to them, but I am continuing to be supplied by Robyn because of her excellent client service. Like I said. I love her.

So, I woke up early, before my toddler, to paint.
I had built these frames, stained them with ebony minwax stain, but not connected them. I needed to paint them first... Enter Chalk Paint. Here's the separate photo:

Do you kind of want to marry them? I did. Haha.

And here, in my laundry pile... The clean one...:

And two more:

Return for my entry table redo! I LOVE this paint. And myself. And all of you. (Even if there are always only two of you.)



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  1. I love the way your frames turned out, Bonny! The stacking to give them dimension is brilliant. :) Oh, and crazy you are not for considering curtains on an armoire! I love having the contrast of fabric against the painted wood. It's so much more interesting that plain old boring doors!