Sunday, July 31, 2011

Media Stand Redo

I have been looking for a TV stand that the TV can actually go INTO. Craigslist provided one for 10 smackeroos. Yep. 1,000 cents.

Not bad, eh? The thing is, I wanted it white. You see, we have a very small quilting cottage, of sorts, and I want to make it look more spacious. So, I started painting it. I distressed it heavily and here's what you get:

It is white. And distressed. Haha. I am getting some chicken wire from my MIL's house, and I am going to put it in the doors, instead of glass panes. I am so excited. It kind of cuts off my TV edges, so M might make me move it. In that event, it will go into my bedroom as a linen closet. Stop it. I kind of hope it ends up in there, anyway.

Thanks for looking!

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