Friday, July 29, 2011

Turquoise Dresser Re-Do

Y'all. What are you going to do with two posts from me? It's like Christmas in July. Speaking of Christmas, for my birthday last year (November 30th), I bought an old dresser from one of my BFF's for 100 bones. It has a gorgeous mirror with it. I haven't refinished the mirror, because my life took over. But, the mirror may or may not match the dresser when it is done.
Also, I finally uploaded all twelve million photos from M's iPhone to the laptop, and have all of the pics in one DATE! I love it!

Before (Taken on my homegirl's cellie):


Sanding and such...

Yep. A trooped. I sprayed the paint on outdoors, so don't you worry about his little breathers. I ended up sick a couple of days later, after spraying Behr paint on this baby, in the wind and snow. You can probably tell from the look of my hubby's hat that we are a hard-core family. : ) (effect ruined instantly by cyber-smileyface.)A

I knew I wanted to have a contrasting wooden top, and I wanted it warm. Actually, this photo was inspiration for me to even choose turquoise.

And, without much ado, or with about 6 photos and three paragraphs of ado...the AFTERS:

This picture ALMOST shows how M hand-distressed the top of the dresser:

It was a lot of work. I need a better after photo, too. But, photos are the really hard part for me!

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